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RapidSupport is cost effective with significantly lower pricing than many of our competitors!

RapidSupport includes free software upgrades whilst others make you purchase new versions of their software. Furthermore, because you are subscribing to a service instead of buying a piece of software this can typically be treated as an operating expense. Should your requirements change and RapidSupport no longer suits your business's needs you can simply cancel your subscription without losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

We offer a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD with any new subscription. If you are not happy with our service you may cancel your subscription within this trial period at no cost to you.

Service Pricing

Item Description Operators Price Subscribe
1 Operator License Suitable for self employed professionals. Allows one operator to support an unlimited number of clients. 1 $9.95/mth SUBSCRIBE
3 Operator License Suitable for small businesses with multiple support staff. Allows up to three operators to simultaneously support an unlimited number of clients. 3 $19.95/mth SUBSCRIBE
3+ Operator Licenses We can tailor a package to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 3+ POA  


  * Operators = individual support staff who will be using the RapidSupport Console to manage clients

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